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How to discover great content ideas in boring niches

How to discover great content ideas in boring nichesSuffering from writer’s block and can’t think of new content ideas?

No problem.

I’m going to walk you through how you can use Impactana to gather hundreds, if not thousands of tried and tested content ideas in even the most “boring” niches.


 I’m going to try to find awesome air conditioner topics. 



Great. As we can see, there’s over 800 results listed for air conditioners – more than enough for content inspiration




Of course, we want to make sure that we’re on the cutting edge of content trends, so let’s filter our results to content uploaded in the last month only. You can easily do this by clicking on the "Search Options" tab and changing the filter drop-down menu from "Any time" to "Past month". 





While we’re at it, let’s also specify content written in English. 





Now, let’s sort the results by Impact. Just to recap, impact aggregates metrics including views, comments, links and downloads to show you how engaging a piece of content is. 





Scrolling down the page, we can start to spot interesting, successful angles other websites have used to talk about air conditioners. 

This article, with an impact score of 29,000, tells us that the health dangers of air conditioners really hit the mark with its audience.




For a full breakdown of the metrics, I'm going to click on the impact indicator. Notably, this article was viewed over 28,000 times and generated more than 100 comments.



In addition to the article's fantastic impact score, its high buzz rating of 5,000 also tells us that the article was a social media hit. Buzz is Impactana's aggregate of social signals including Facebook shares, likes and tweets. Like with Impact, clicking on the Buzz metric gives us a full breakdown. Over 2,000 Facebook shares and nearly 3000 Facebook likes – fantastic for an article uploaded just in the last month.




It is important to pay attention to both the Impact and Buzz metrics. Content with high scores for both tells us that these topics are both social media winners and really resonate with their readers.

I recommend playing around with different filter settings to find a wider variety of topic angles you can use. Try changing the upload date to the last year to cast a wider net and catch some more great content ideas.




If you found yourself stuck for content ideas in a “not so viral” niche, try using Impactana for inspiration!


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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper started working in the internet marketing business as an SEO and Link Builder in 2003. He began developing SEO software for internal use in 2006. In 2009, Christoph launched his favorite SEO tools as LinkResearchTools in the SaaS model. When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph started Link Detox, software for finding links that pose a risk in a website’s backlink profile. He introduced ongoing link audits and risk management to the market in early 2011. In 2015, Christoph introduced Impactana, a new technology platform and SaaS product to measure the success of content beyond "social buzz", to find content, videos and people that make an impact.
Christoph C. Cemper

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