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Analyze social signals

BUZZ is a set of metrics that helps you analyze works best for your audience. These signals help you identify the content that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google+.  These signals help you identify the content that works best for your audience.

Impactana Buzz and Impact metrics


Analyze user engagement

Although BUZZ signals give you a good idea about the way the content is shared on social media, they don't say too much about the long-term impact. With IMPACT, you can measure real user engagement through comments, clicks, views, downloads and links.

The Impactana® technology is part of the Link Research SEO Toolbar

Advanced SEO and marketing metrics at your fingertips!

With the Link Research SEO Toolbar, you can customize your searches in Google, Bing and Yandex.

It allows you to sort the Search Engine results by:

  • the number of keyword rankings a website has
  • domain and page LRT Power*Trust™ value
  • the number of backlinks acquired or lost (Link Velocity Trends)
  • social media popularity (Buzz)
  • long-term user engagement (Impact)

Apart from using it as a SERP overlay, you can also see the toolbar with all these SEO metrics on every page you browse. There is more than one template for it and you can drag and drop it wherever you want in your browser window.

The Impactana technology is part of the LinkResearchTools® (LRT) toolkit

LinkResearchTools (LRT) is the most advanced link intelligence software that combines data from 24 link data sources and up to 97 metrics in a consistent, reliable way to provide cutting- edge link analysis, competitor research, and Google penalty recovery functionality.

Unlike ad-hoc SEO tools, LRT provides data that users can trust due to “just-in-time” recrawling and industry-leading custom technologies and metrics. These unique SEO metrics and technologies only LinkResearchTools provides are combined with data aggregated from Google, Bing, Moz, SEMRush, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs, Sistrix and many more.

Impactana's unique Buzz and Impact metrics are also part of LinkResearchTools since 2016.

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Kristi HInes"Impactana goes beyond vanity metrics to show you the pieces of content that truly make an impact in your industry.

You don't have to wonder if a piece of content became popular because someone bought a package of tweets - you can also look at backlinks, views, engagement, clicks, downloads, and more, depending on the type of content."

Kristi Hines
Freelance writer and business blogger

Learn more about our Impactana V2. We replaced our “small search engine” with what we know as real search engines. Google, Yandex, and Bing.

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