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Content Marketing Tool

Discover compelling content


Creating a good, relevant and interesting article can be a very hard job. With Impactana, you will find ideas for content which has a high chance to get shared or will work as link-bait content in any industry.

influencer analysis tool

Find key influencers


Impactana will help you find the most relevant influ- encers for your market niche. Drill down a large influencer lists to those that are relevant, create buzz, make an impact and have the necessary reach. We calculate all that for eachperson and topic.

video marketing tool

Study influential videos


Whether you are looking for niche stars, high potentials or just for some marketing ideas on Youtube or Vimeo, Impactana will help you in your research. Improve your video strategy exploring influential authors.



Analyze social signals


BUZZ is a set of metrics that helps you analyze works best for your audience. These signals help you identify the content that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google+.  These signals help you identify the content that works best for your audience.

Impactana Buzz and Impact metrics

Analyze user engagement


Although BUZZ signals give you a good idea about the way the content is shared on social media, they don't say too much about the long-term impact. With IMPACT, you can measure real user engagement through comments, clicks, views, downloads and links.


full text search

Full-Text search

Impactana searches in the full-text body, not only titles. Of course we can do the simple search for keywords in SEO optimized titles as well, using the search operator intitle.

comments search

Comments search

Search in Comments of blog posts, videos for brand monitoring and reputation management.

google search commands

Google search commands

We have a lot of advanced operators for advanced users and Google search geeks. You will love it once you see them and feel familiar right away.

user engagement

User engagement

Measure user engagement on your content the right way. Click-Thru, Bounce-Back and Time On Site are nice metrics we’re used to from Google Analytics. Fair enough. We’re trying to measure real user engagement by their clicks, visits, com- ments, downloads and links for example..

content alerts

Content alerts

You can track brand mentions or different topics more effectively than the regular search. 

You can set-up alerts in Impactana, for any topic you want and you will receive an e-mail notification whenever new results that match your settings, get published on the Web.

Advanced content type and language filters

Advanced content type and language filters

Impactana allows you to filter your content search by multiple content types such as: articles, blog posts, case studies, eBooks, how-to articles, infographics, interviews, podcasts, keynotes, surveys, and tutorials.

You can also make a search in content written in a specific language, by using Impactana's advanced "Language filter". We currently support the following languages: English, Spanish, German and French.

Data export

Data export

Whenever you do content marketing research using Impactana, you can export all your results in an Excel sheet for easy reference.

Impactana allows you to export rich data. This includes: URL, page, title, page and image snippet, publish date, author name, BUZZ and IMPACT score, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Xing likes and shares, views, comments, clicks, the number of backlinks per page or domain and so much more.

integration with SEO tools

Integration with powerful SEO tools

After finding a strong piece of content using Impactana, you can start a LinkResearchTools Quick Backlink Profiler report for that result. Only with one click, you can see a list of the backlinks that a page or a domain has.
You can sort the backlinks by LRT Power*Trust, a metric that now replaces Google's Toolbar PageRank.

Rich contact details for influencers in any niche

Rich contact details for influencers in any niche

Impactana helps you easily find the strongest influencers in your niche, and it provides you with all the contact details you can dream of. In addition to 30+ social media channels like LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ we provide phone numbers, instant messenger accounts and e-mail addresses for many.
You can connect with them on social media, right from the Impactana app. Involve them in your content marketing and then measure the impact they had on your marketing campaigns.
Filter influencers by country or language

Filter influencers by country or language

You can easily search for influencers for a topic, a country or speaking your audience's language by using the "Country" and "Language" search filters in Impactana's Influencer search.

We have topic expertise tags for most influencers, and one click on that tag reveals more.

​Find content that attracted links in your industry

​Find content that attracted links in your industry

Find content which has a high chance to earn links in any niche. Even the most boring ones.
Impactana is also the only search engine where you can search for "boring topic" AND backlinks>100 AND comments>10
to find content that attracted links and comments in the past.
content marketing competitive research

Competitive research

- Which blog article of your competition gained the most attention on social media?
- Comment search (find mentions about competition) and react fast!

Discover successful content in any niche

Discover successful content in any niche

Impactana is the only software that helps you find successful content in “boring industries” like air conditioners,
healthcare, real estate and basically 99% of the topics that do not work on social.
Video marketing research

Video marketing research

You can research video platforms like YouTube for successful ideas like “Unboxing iPhones”, where a single video drives millions of views in days – and ten thousands to the respective affiliate links.

You can gather a list of influential YouTube affiliates ‘at the click of a button’, sort them by the success of their past promotions and reach out only to the best ones.

 Impactana helps you find content ideas and influencers that you really need to succeed in your content marketing. 

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Kristi HInes"Impactana goes beyond vanity metrics to show you the pieces of content that truly make an impact in your industry.

You don't have to wonder if a piece of content became popular because someone bought a package of tweets - you can also look at backlinks, views, engagement, clicks, downloads, and more, depending on the type of content."

Kristi Hines
Freelance writer and business blogger


Bartosz Goralewicz "I honestly think Impactana is going to change how the market works.

You can see the BUZZ, but more importantly you can find out who the real influencers are.

This means that you can focus on building good relationships with people who really matter to your brand, for your niche and for your clients."


Bartosz Goralewicz 
  CEO at Elephate


Sigrid Holzer

"Impactana helps our customers create great content, identify good topics and find influencers to spread the word."


Sigrid Holzer 
   Online Marketing Expert at Bavaria SEO

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