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Impactana is a software for content marketing, video marketing and influencer analysis

Content Marketing Tool

A Content Marketing Tool

The first step towards writing something good is finding strong content created by other people in your industry.

You can get an idea of what people are interested in by looking at the content that got shared, liked, commented on, downloaded and linked to thou- sands of times.

You can even find content ideas that work well, even in the most boring industries.

influencer analysis tool

An Influencer Analysis Tool

You can write great content, but that's not enough. Distribution is an important part of any marketing strategy.

Influencers have already built a niche-specific audience; people trust them.

If you manage to get the right influencers to share what you've written, your content will get a lot of exposure.

video marketing tool

A Video Marketing Tool

With Impactana, you can research videos that are being produced in your sector and see what works best for your competitors and the top companies in your industry.

You can discover niche stars on YouTube and improve your video distribution by reaching out to the right people.

Here is a quick video tutorial for you to learn how to gather a list of YouTube ailiates ‘at the click of a button’, and how to then sort these ailiates by the success of their past promotions.

If you want to find content that resonates with your audience  and reach out to the right influencers, then impactana is the tool for you!

Find your competitor’s best content

Find the most downloaded presentations

Find the most linked infographics

Find the most discussed blog content

Find the best tutorials

Find YouTube niche stars

Find popular social media content

Find people discussing your brand

Find influencers in your niche

Find your top performing content

Find the most popular apps

And much more...

content marketing for every niche

Harald-Tschuggnall-impactana-testimonialThere are many tools out there which can measure social signals, but Impactana implemented different metrics that measure user engagement. This helps our team to find good content and relevant influencers.”

Harald Tschuggnall

CEO at Mediabase