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Important Changes in Impactana

What is Impactana’s metrics system all about?

Impactana goes beyond measuring the social media signals; it also measures user engagement

To create the full picture for you, Impactana has two sets of metrics:

Buzz - Impactana’s aggregate of social media signals, divided into shares and likes. These metrics are taken from platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Xing and LinkedIn. Think of Buzz as a way of estimating the short-term, immediate success of a piece of content on social networks.

Impact is all about measuring long-term user engagement. This aggregate brings together powerful metrics such as:

  • Comments – real people are engaging with the content - a lot more meaningful than "a like".
  • Clicks – click-through from various channels measure traffic – that’s what matter.
  • Views – views matter a lot on YouTube. We estimate views for every content URL – after all, we do market to generate traffic, not some simple like that is generated in a fraction of a second. Also on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo a video can reach millions of people while it only has a handful of tweets.
  • Downloads – e.g. on Slideshare this is an additional metric of engagement. Someone who downloads a slide deck after viewing it is more engaged. So the content made more impact on him.
  • Links – in the old days content marketing was called, “link baiting.” Whenever some content attracts links, then the marketer did something very right. In fact, many masterpieces of content earned links without a lot of social buzz. When we measure links, we take the full link graph into account, not just some more popular ones (like other social media analytics tools do). Because links matter.

Great Content Marketing Matrix

An article about air conditioners will not be shared on social media, but it can receive a great number of backlinks and comments if people find it useful and engage with it. Our two-dimensional system made hot press since 2015 and even made it into “Content Marketing for Dummies”.


Measuring The Real Impact Of Your Content Marketing

Content marketers can learn and benefit from looking at the full picture of their results – Buzz and Impact. One tells you the health of your distribution while the other tracks the resonance of your content. Both must be nurtured. The provided examples demonstrate how to glean meaningful insights by looking at Impact. If you’re marketing with YouTube or develop mobile apps, we feel you are in the best position to capitalize on exponentially increasing your Impact.

The full review is available on forbes.com
language: English


3 SEO Tools to Save Time & Filter Data Faster

Created by the folks behind LinkResearchTools, Impactana supports more than one language– so if you work with international clients this is a huge bonus – and allows you to set up alerts based on brand or topic mentions; the perfect way to keep on top of relevant content appearing within your clients’ industries.

The full review is available on semrush.com/
language: English

search engine watch8 Essential Tools to Simplify SEO for Content Marketing

If you want to know more about a piece of content than just its social sharing metrics, there is Impactana. This premium tool will allow you to see the number of backlinks, views, and comments a piece of content has received.

The full review is available on searchenginewatch.com/
language: English

content marketing instituteHow to Find the Best Pieces of Content in Your Industry

Impact metrics, unlike buzz metrics, are a little harder to manipulate, primarily because they combine several metrics beyond social shares. Tools like Impactana can help you go beyond social media metrics and into ones that help you determine how successful a piece of content really is.

The full review is available at contentmarketinginstitute.com
language: English

Enter The Next Level of Impactana Data

We decided to change the way that the users will work with the Impactana metrics. What we always struggled with is building up a search engine index that pleases everyone.

Everyone? Like Google?

What we’ve learned is that one can’t please everyone, especially not in all topics and all languages. Especially not if you don’t have a direct monetization for the search index – as Google and other search engines have with their ads on the search results.

That’s why we decided to drop the “search engine part”.

We integrated the reliable Impactana metrics on top for the search engine results in Google, Bing, and Yandex. Yes, we will keep the unique metrics Buzz and Impact. We will only replace the search interface with something much more powerful, better and easier to use for everyone. Like Google, Bing, Yandex, LinkResearchTools (LRT) or Link Detox (DTOX).

All you have to do is to install the Link Research SEO Toolbar. It will display the Buzz and Impact metrics next to your search results. You will also be able to sort the search results by Buzz or Impact.

The great part about it is that apart from the Impactana metrics it also includes metrics such as:

It’s free. What are you waiting for?

Insiders’s View - The Search Application Issue

Lets face it.

We’re not Google.

So why did we even think about building something that would replace it, or even look remotely like it?

If it looks like Google and doesn’t behave like it, then it sucks.

That is a lesson you learned for free.

You can thank me later. 🙂

Bye Bye Impactana Content Search, Bye Video Search – Hello Google, Yandex, Bing

So after developing, testing and listening to our users, we made the only move possible now.

We replace our “small search engine” with what we know as real search engines. Google, Yandex, and Bing. It’s very obvious.

We simply overlay our powerful data and aggregate existing search engines with our data. Aggregation and enrichment of existing data is our business at LinkResearchTools (LRT) as well.

It seems to obvious.

What this means for the Impactana V2

We currently work on bringing all the data to all the search engines and platforms that can be useful for you.

We hereby announce:

  • end of life for the Impactana V1 frontend application end of March 2017
  • reminder of the integration of Impactana data into LinkResearchTools (LRT) per September 2016
  • announcement of the integration of Impactana data into the free Link Research SEO Toolbar

What will Impactana V2 cost for me?

For the time being, we will provide all the data for all our existing users of LinkResearchTools (LRT) included in their Superhero plan and higher. At no additional cost to existing users.

Smaller plans will get the data for their usage as a free teaser until we decide to turn that off.

Prices for new Superhero accounts will go up April 1 – so if you want to get all the goodness of two years of Impactana development and the power behind LinkResearchTools (LRT), I encourage you to secure your Superhero account now.

What happens to my Impactana V1 account?

We will close all user accounts of the Impactana V1 so you will not have access to it from April 1. If you want to use Impactana V2 in full, you need a LinkResearchTools (LRT) Superhero account.

For annual plans on Impactana V1, we will credit your previously paid fees towards an account with LinkResearchTools (LRT) or refund you if you wish. Please let us know until March 31 2017 which option you prefer. If we don’t hear from you, we decide for the credit option.

How can you do this? Why can’t you use the Search Index?

Yes, Impactana was a huge undertaking. A massive project that locked in our whole company.

And we got so much out of it

  • a whole new data center
  • a much more powerful crawling backend that already benefited LRT
  • the powerful Person DB we continue to use for LinkResearchTools (LRT) and the Contact Finder (CF)
  • tons of experience in new areas like user management, logging, tracking, billing, taxes, etc.
  • and all the other things you learn when you can try “new things” that you cannot try on an established product.

So there’s a huge net value for us and all our users.

We simply focus fully 100% on links since 2016 again and LinkResearchTools (LRT) again with this move.

And Google confirmed us BIG TIME – just read what they said in three occasions alone about links.

After all, ranking without links is really, really hard – says even Google.

Ranking without links is really hard


A quite sharp move to give up your whole “original UI” – isn’t it?

I’m feeling lucky and proud for announcing such a decision!

To your success!

Christoph C. Cemper
Founder & CEO