kristi-hines-impactana-testimonialImpactana goes beyond vanity metrics to show you the pieces of content that truly make an impact in your industry. You don't have to wonder if a piece of content became popular because someone bought a package of tweets - you can also look at backlinks, views, engagement, clicks, downloads, and more, depending on the type of content. Best of all, you can search for content that meets specific criteria based on these metrics. Impactana is a must have in the content marketer's toolbox."

Kristi Hines

Freelance writer and business blogger

bartosz-g-impactana-testimonialI honestly think Impactana is going to change how the market works. You can see the buzz, but more importantly, you can find out which piece of content attracted more links or generated most comments. "

Bartosz Goralewicz

CEO at Elephate


ashley-turner-impactana-testimonialNowadays in the scenario of content marketing, it is so hard to make an educated decision about what you are going to create. There is so much investment needed and if that content doesn’t perform, it is a massive failure for the business. With Impactana, you can see all the correct metrics to do with links, buzz, downloads, views and shares. This information gives you the confidence that you are backing the right horse and your content is going to perform."

Ashley Turner

Head of Search at Brave


Christiaan-Bollen-impactana-testimonialThis is a great technology for my marketing research. It has a combination of Buzz and Impact. I especially like it because it helps me find great content in any industry."

Christiaan Bollen

Owner at boljoro.com


rick-lomas-seo-impactana-testimonialI've been a digital marketer for more than 15 years. I've made a lot of articles, blog posts, videos and other types of content. I've never quite understood why some content does better than others, but now with Impactana I do! Not only can I see the amount of buzz the content is getting, but the amount of interaction it is getting too. Straight away I can see the amount of likes, comments and shares etc. Impactana is going to revolutionise how I do contact marketing from now on."

Rick Lomas

Owner at Indexicon


Wojtek-Mazur-impactana-testimonialI find the Impactana metrics to be very helpful for my marketing research. I especially like the combination of Buzz and Impact  because it helps me  find influencers in particular industries."

Wojtek Mazur

Co-founder of Elephate